Natural Healing Crystal

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Crystals are known for their healing properties and for bringing positivity and prosperity into everyone's life, so with these Natural Healing Crystal necklaces, you might be able to find a solution to a problem that has been bothering you lately. 

What Each Stone Means:


  • Amethyst – assists in meditation, enhances psychic abilities and intuition, gets rid of negative energy, brings peace and tranquility in your home, calms the mind
  • Opal – it helps the wearer to live a luxurious life, brings prosperity, finances, comfort and satisfaction in life, brings creativity and passionate love life
  • Agate – brings harmony to the wearer, helps anxiety and those who have a problem speaking with others, brings fortitude on a long term, and protection from negative people and energies
  • Aventurine – benefits fertility and helps the heart and digestive problems to disappear, brings luck and positivity to the wearer and helps calm the mind when used for meditation and on your neck
  • Quartz – Quartz is one of the most powerful crystals that clears the mind of negativity, and with its vibrations purifies our body, mind, and soul, it makes us more alert and creative and prone to success and it nurtures relationships.
  • Tiger Eye Stone – This stone aids to promote harmony and balance in life, and helps you make better decisions in life. It is a crucial stone for vitality, it decreases anxiety while it produces happiness, courage, focus and objectivity.
  • Material: Crystal Natural Gemstone 
  • Pendant Size: 35*15 mm
  • Chain Necklace: 18k Silver

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